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Need a life jacket?. Check out these loaner locations.
Little Rock District Life Jacket Loaner Stations
5/8/2017 12:03:00 PM
Get Bobber's Thanksgiving Puzzle at
Bobber's Thanksgiving Puzzle
11/4/2016 3:07:00 PM
How many MPH are you going when you jump off a cliff?
Cliff Jumping is a Leap to Death
6/17/2016 3:17:00 PM
Swim Beach Closure
PA Specialist
5/24/2016 2:51:00 PM
Swim Beach Open
PA Specialist
5/24/2016 2:51:00 PM
Lake Gaurd Game App Ad
Lake Gaurd Game App
12/8/2015 12:10:00 PM
Life Jackets Worn...Nobody Mourns
Life Jackets Worn... Nobody Mourns
12/8/2015 12:08:00 PM
Park Ranger Ryan King joined the crew of KATV Channel 7’s Daybreak on July 8, 2015. Ranger King reminded everyone, even Chris Kane, to play it safe and wear a life jacket when on or around the Arkansas River this summer.
Water Safety
7/21/2015 2:22:00 PM
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